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Rs.600 / 5 Lines


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Mumbai (Times Of India + Sunday Times of India + Mirror + Economic Times + Maharashtra Times + Navbharat Times)Super Value Combo of 6 Newspapers
Rs. 5,500

/5 Lines
Rs. 5,500
per 5 Lines
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Delhi (Times Of India + Sunday Times + Navbharat Times +Economic Times + Sandhya Times + Education Times) + Navbharat Times (NCR) + Times Of India (Gurgaon)
Rs.5,500/ 5 Lines
Rs.5,500 / 5 Lines
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Mumbai (Times Of India + Sunday Times of India + Education Times + Mirror + Economic Times)Education Special Combo
Rs. 4,500

/5 Lines
Rs. 4,500
per 5 Lines
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Economic Times (All Editions)Best Value Combo Offer Across India, Covering 11 Editions & 20 Cities
Rs.4,000/ 5 Lines
Rs.4,000 / 5 Lines
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Bangalore - Times of India(Weekday & Sunday) + Mirror + Economic Times + Vijay Karnataka + Times of India (Mangalore+Hubli+Mysore)Best Value PackageCovers All Karnataka
Rs.2,810/ 5 Lines
Rs.2,810 / 5 Lines
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KOLKATA + NORTH BENGAL {Times of India (Weekday+Sunday) Ei Samay (Weekday + Sunday) + Economic Times (Kolkata) + Eisamay (Bardhaman) }Best Value Super Combo Offer
Rs.2,400/ 5 Lines
Rs.2,400 / 5 Lines
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Lucknow (Times Of India + Navbharat Times + Economic Times + Education Times) +Times Of India (Kanpur + Varanasi + Allahabad)
Rs.1,400/ 5 Lines
Rs.1,400 / 5 Lines
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Ahmedabad Edition - Times of India (Weekday + Sunday ) + Economic Times + Nav Gujarat SamayBest Value PackCovers Whole Gujarat
Rs.700/ 5 Lines
Rs.700 / 5 Lines
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Rs.3,000(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.3,750(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.3,300(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.4,695(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.1,800(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.840(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.2,250(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.375(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.1,875(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.300(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.4,275(3 x 5 cm)


Rs.375(3 x 5 cm)

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Economic Times (All Editions)Best Value Combo Offer Across India, Covering 11 Editions & 20 Cities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Education ads in Economic Times can be booked under Classified Text & Classified Display format.

Classified Text ads in Economic Times are run on lines whereas Classified display ads appear in smaller width sizes in the classified columns.

Hence it is recommended to book your ad two days prior to the release date to ensure a smooth booking process.

Follow these series of steps to book your Education ad in Economic Times

  • Begin your ad booking process by selecting the newspaper and category as & Education respectively.

  • Select your desired Ad Format.

  • The next important step is to select from a range of discounted package.

  • You will then be directed to the ‘Compose Ad’ page wherein you need to select your preferred Sub Category and Preferences of your choice. Compose your ad by filling in specific requirements like physical traits, personal information & economic and family background you are looking for your prospective match in the ad content. Do not forget to mention your own educational & professional background along with the contact info while composing your ad. You can also upload your own designed ad matter in case of classified display.

  • To make your ad visually appealing you can choose Color, Background and Tick as enhancements to your ad.

  • Final step is to select the dates and make payments via Credit / Debit Card or Internet Banking to confirm your booking. Upon successful payment your will receive an invoice with all the details of the ad you have booked with us.

Education ads in Economic Times are always booked in Packages. You can choose a suitable package depending on the number of cities you want your ad to be published. Your cost will vary accordingly as per your selection of package and desired Ad Format.

Choose from the list of Education packages of Economic Times from the link here.

So visit the website to select the package of your choice and get your ad published in your desired cities.


Ideally the deadline for booking an ad is two days prior to the release date. Hence it is recommended that you book your ad beforehand for a smooth release. To know more about the deadline you can look at the calendar during the ad booking process.

Education ads in Economic Times are booked in packages. There are a lot of factors that decide the cost of ad booking in the Education section of . You will find the most economical rates designed specifically for the customers on our website. You can choose the package of your choice & avail discounted rates for your booking. To know more about exclusive offers and discounts click on the link here.

Education ad is one of the most popular forms of newspaper advertisements avalable.To gain wider coverage and reach, Economic Times is the best choice.  It is the Number 1 newspaper in the country with a whopping 1.5 million readership base.

Now to get relevant and positive responses from your Economic Times Education ad, it is important that your ad matter contains all the relevant details.

By following these easy steps you can easily compose your Education ad in Economic Times:

  • Use of Abbreviations- Use abbreviations to cut down the number of words to reduce the cost. 
  • Contact Details- Double check your contact details in the ad matter to ensure positive responses.
  • Sub Category- Fill in appropriate sub category carefully to get your ad published under specific headings.
  • Enhancement Option- Use enhancement options like color, background, tick to make your ad more engaging. Remember enhancement options comes with an extra cost. 

Prior booking- Kindly make sure to book your ad two days prior to the release date for a timely release of your ad.

Even though you are a service industry, since you need to advertise trainings and seminars, please know that your ad shall fall under the Education category. In order to proceed with your ad booking in the preferred newspaper, please visit the Economic Times Education Ad Rates page. Here you can review the rates and packages associated with all the editions or locations covered by Economic Times. In order to know the process of booking your ad online through our portal, you need to take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial which guides you through our entire web booking process. Once you have chosen the preferred location or package, you can proceed to compose your ad with the help of samples ads, design templates or ad highlighters. You can also preview your ads online itself before it is released in the newspaper. As soon as you are done with composing your ad, you can select the release dates and then proceed to make the payment through our online or offline payment mediums. You can fill in necessary details on our website and be rest assured that it is all safe here as we use SSL protected encoding to process all the online payments made by our customers. Such an encoding safeguards and protects your personal details and ensures that it is not misused in any manner. In order to get your ad published on time, please make sure that it is booked at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates.


Why place Education Ad in Economic Times Newspaper ?

Composing & booking a newspaper ad have been simplified by ReleaseMyAd making it as easy as following just 3 easy steps:

  1. Selection of the favored ad category like Education Ads and classified advertising for sub categories like Coaching, Professional Courses, Vocational Courses have been assimilated in the online booking structure of releaseMyAd. Any advertiser can now view the Education Ads rate card and publish his classified text advert in a newspaper of his choice, at the lowest of costs instantly!
  2. The second most important step in your ad booking process is composing your ad. ReleaseMyAd enables you to take the help of enhancements to increase the prominence of your ad. You can see how your ad will look before it is published, through our Live Preview Ad Feature
  3. In the last & final step you can confirm your ad release dates & make the payments for a timely release of your ad via our secure payment mediums.
  4. Our payment options include online payment mediums like Credit/Debit Cards & Net Banking & offline payments mediums like Demand Drafts, Cheque deposits & Cash Collection from your home or office.

When you select the classified display ad type on, it lands you on the page of category selection, where you can click on the Education category and that will take you to the Compose Ad page.

  1. On releaseMyAd composing a education classified display ad is engaging and interesting as you can choose from a range of pre designed templates and modify them with images, logos, colors and also text formatting. These features help you intensify and increase the effectiveness of your educational ad. All these features along with our Live Ad Preview Feature have been incorporated on the ReleaseMyAd website for your convenience.
  2. At the end, in order to confirm the release of your ad, all that is required of you is to select the release dates and clear your payments via secure online payment mediums of Credit/ Debit Cards & Net Banking.
  3. You can also avail our traditional offline mediums of Demand Drafts or Cheque payments or our new Cash Collection facility as well for the payment to be collected from your home or office, following which you will receive an email confirmation with all your booking details

For further details on composing ads & to avail new packages or to Contact Us visit our Frequently Asked Questions Section

Economic Times is circulated around the following locations :

Location Circulation Cost View Details
Edition: Mumbai Ciculation: 229,555 copies Price: Rs.600 /5 Lines
Edition: Delhi Ciculation: 138,505 copies Price: Rs.1200 /5 Lines
Edition: Bangalore Ciculation: 52,478 copies Price: Rs.300 /5 Lines
Edition: Kolkata Ciculation: 41,256 copies Price: Rs.1150 /5 Lines
Edition: Chennai Ciculation: 28,776 copies Price: Rs.350 /5 Lines
Edition: Pune Ciculation: 28,094 copies Price: Rs.110 /5 Lines
Edition: Hyderabad Ciculation: 23,647 copies Price: Rs.325 /5 Lines
Edition: Chandigarh Ciculation: 17,167 copies Price: Rs.130 /5 Lines
Edition: Ahmedabad Ciculation: 10,365 copies Price: Rs.270 /5 Lines
Edition: Jaipur Ciculation: 8,978 copies Price: Rs.40 /5 Lines
Edition: Lucknow Ciculation: 7,204 copies Price: Rs.4560 /5 Lines
Edition: Bhopal Ciculation: 2,350 copies Price: Rs.120 /5 Lines

Booking Process

How To Compose Your Education Ad In Economic Times To Get Maximum Response ?

Education has become a necessity for the Indian Society and so has its demand. Several education institutes and centres need a platform to advertise their courses and services. Newspaper classified text ads are an economical and vast medium to publicize upcoming and developing educational institution.

Education advertisements in newspapers help to bridge the gap between students and providers of educational courses, which include not only schools and colleges, but also other courses that people take up for all-round personal growth. Here is why you should book your education ads in newspapers:

  1. Provides Information
    • Education advertisements in newspapers provide information about the various courses that are offered by an educational institution.
  2. Spreads Knowledge and Awareness
    • Education advertisements make people aware of an educational institution’s existence and make people aware of what is available.
  3. Attracts Students
    • If created and designed well, education advertisements attract students and induce them to apply and take up a course that suits their interests and existing educational background.
  4. Promotes Education
    • Education advertisements, through their very purpose of attracting students to various educational institutions, promote the growth of education in the country.
  5. Wide Reach of Newspapers  
    • In India, a large number of people across cities and villages read newspapers. Newspapers are read by people from all walks of life.

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